The rise of the Minimalist Movement has caused some to eliminate the baggage of “stuff” they carry through life. If you are amid the transition to living a more minimalistic life and have chosen to downsize to a smaller place, there’s no better time to start making changes. 

In advance of your household move, make a plan to clear as much clutter as possible. 

You can take some steps toward minimalism before you move with these easy tips.

1. Handle the Duplicates First

One of the first things people should consider when trying to live minimally is what they need to fulfill their life purpose. Along with this, they realize that having duplicate items don’t necessarily support any real-life purpose. So ditch the duplicates in your home.

Before your move, get yourself a large box, clearly write “DUPLICATES” on the side, and make your rounds through the house. If you have more than one of a particular type of item, place the extra in your box. Tuck the container away, see if your life changes, determine if you needed anything in the box after a designated period. If not, you can safely donate the contents before moving day.

2. Try Dressing with Less

One suggested plan for those trying to transition into minimal living is to try wearing only 33 items for about three months. Most people find they can dress well, dress comfortably, and meet all their wardrobe needs with just 33 items.

While you don’t necessarily have to make a drastic cutback, you could try doing something similar in the weeks before your move. Perhaps try wearing only certain clothing pieces and shoes over a few weeks. See how that makes you feel, notice how easy this is to do, and how much less laundry you have. You may find you can live without much of what clutters your closet.

3. Designate One Room as a Clutter-Free Zone

Sometimes, a small change in one part of your home can be so enlightening that you want to see the same everywhere else. Try designating just one room in your home as a clutter-free zone. Since you are already packing, this can be an excellent opportunity to test out the idea that “less is more” or see how a simple space makes you feel.

4. Simplify Meals and How You Serve Them

Most kitchens are jam-packed with food ingredients, gadgets, and dishes. Yet, most people use very little of what they have regularly. For example, you may have four garlic powder varieties in your pantry, eight types of spatulas, and full service for 20 even though you never feed more than ten people.

For a few weeks before your move, try simplifying your meal plan. See how many utensils and dishes you can cook perfectly fine without. By the time you get into packing, you’ll have a good idea of what is easy to leave behind.

Simplify Your Household Transition with Pro Movers

A new place to live is a fresh start. A new, smaller place to live is not just a fresh start but can be a start for a simple life. Take some time to achieve your minimalism goals before moving to make sure that’s exactly what you get. Don’t forget to reach out to professional movers to help you make the transition to your new, simple home. Contact us for a quote today.