Buyers looking to purchase are typically immediately drawn to homes that look well-kept and clean. Likewise, homeowners seeking to sell their homes as quickly as possible usually spend effort sprucing up their home’s outdoor curb appeal.

As a seller, by doing so, you can attract more buyers and be better positioned to negotiate the deal you want. Here are six ways to accomplish this excellent curb appeal to motivate buyers and help your home sell faster.

1. Eliminate Clutter

Decluttering is the most important task to tackle before looking at other ways to increase curb appeal. Homes filled with exterior clutter often deter buyers from even wanting to look inside. Simply cleaning up the exterior helps buyers envision the space as their own.

Start by tucking away garden tools, toys, and any other non-essentials. Next, rearrange the porch or lawn furniture to look more inviting. The bottom line, make your exterior look as clean and neutral as possible.

2. Freshen Up the Mailbox

Consider replacing it if you have an old, dented, or rusty mailbox. However, if the mailbox is still in decent shape:

  • Give it a fresh paint layer
  • Stain or paint wooden mailbox post
  • Add shiny new numbers to the mailbox post
  • If there is space, add a few seasonal flowers around the post

Mailboxes are one of the things potential buyers typically notice right off the bat. Cleaning up this area goes a long way towards adding curb appeal.

3. Manicure the Lawn and Yard

After cleaning the clutter, turn an eye towards the lawn and the yard. Thanks to a uniform appearance, a freshly cut lawn look neat and make a home appear well-cared for, especially if there are many weeds within the grass.

Next, cut back trees and shrubs, removing dead or scraggly branches. Finally, cut back overgrowth, rake away any leaves or debris, and weed flowerbeds. If this task proves too big or if you’re short on time, it’s worth the investment to hire a landscaper to come to clean up the lawn and yard—a neatly manicured lawn and yard pack a big punch.

4. Add Flowers

Add some new seasonal plants with bursts of color to your beds. If you can, stick with annual flowers so that new homeowners can start anew next season. However, if you already have perennials, keep them in good shape. Also, try to stick to native plants because invasive plants can quickly get out of control and cause damage.

5. Clean Up Walkways and the Driveway

It’s common for walkways and driveways to accumulate mildew, moss, grime, or other debris. Power wash these areas to make them more appealing. If you have a blacktop driveway, have any cracks filled, and seal the entire surface.

6. Paint the Front Door

Your front door is your welcome mat. Why not give it a vibrant bright color? A freshly painted door adds excellent “pop” to a home’s exterior appearance. Complete the new door with a pretty wreath and a friendly welcome mat.

Getting Ready for a Move?

Curb appeal significantly adds to a home’s attractiveness. Therefore, investing efforts should help your home move faster once listed and get ready to move to your new place.

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