When you decide to sell your house, home staging is generally recommended by most real estate agents. Staging makes your home look refreshed and clean and helps potential buyers see its potential while envisioning their own future in your home. But knowing how much of your belongings you should get rid of, what to do if you simply cannot part with an item and how to stage your home without it looking cold and uninviting can be difficult. Here are five tips from the experts at Molloy Moving & Storage on how to stage your home in a stylish yet organized way without losing your sanity—and your beloved belongings—in the process.

  1. Decluttering is crucial. An untidy home overflowing with furniture and personal belongings makes it difficult for potential buyers to see past the personal affects and imagine their own lives in your home. In fact, cutting your clutter in half is generally recommended by professional home stagers. Parting with these many items may be difficult, so to avoid future heartbreak and regret, consider storing the belongings you’re removing from your home in a storage facility.
  2. Position furniture accordingly. Some assume that staging furniture up against the wall will make a room seem larger, but instead it makes it feel impersonal and not lived in. To avoid this, arrange living room couches and chairs into conversational groups. This will ensure the room looks organized but also authentic and inviting.
  3. Make smart décor choices. Although the first tip emphasizes the importance of decluttering your home, there is certain décor that is essential when it comes to home staging. For example, vases filled with fresh cut flowers, understated wall art and fresh produce in bowls can make homebuyers feel welcome but still allow them to see the possibilities for their own décor in the space. Staging your dining room table is also important, since they can look somewhat desolate when bare, so stage yours with a runner, placemats and tasteful centerpiece. For other flat surfaces, stage cohesive tabletop décor in groups of three in varying heights and widths.
  4. Keep rooms gender-neutral. Having a home that gives off a “man cave” or “lady lair” vibe is a turn off to potential buyers. To avoid this, use paint colors, bed linens, rugs, pillows and tabletop décor in neutral colors—creams, beiges, grays and soft greens and blues—and keep textures and patterns to a minimum to appeal to the masses and make your rooms look fresh and crisp.
  5. Don’t neglect the outdoors. Whether you have a small or large outdoor area, you’ll want to give it as much TLC as you do the inside: flowers, manicured landscaping, clean windows, power-washed siding, clear walkways and driveway, and a freshly mowed lawn are all great ways to help stage the exterior of your home. For a small outdoor space, opt for a small yet chic café table; large spaces can get away with a large patio table, gazebo or pool furniture. Whatever furniture you choose, stage it similar to the interior of your home: clean and gender-neutral chair cushions, placemats, a vase of fresh flowers or tea candles. These small details will help buyers see the charm and desirability of the outdoor space.

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