Trusting someone else to move, pack and store your precious belongings can be stressful. You worry that prized possessions will be broken, lost or damaged in the process. However, white-glove moving services typically go the extra mile with your belongings in ensuring everything is packed to perfection and makes it to its destination safely and securely. When choosing a white-glove moving company, look for one that offers personalized services, certified packers and a golden reputation. With Molloy’ unique White Glove Moving Services allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that your handpicked possessions will be hand-packed and cared for as the company’s own. Here’s what sets Molloy White Glove Moving Services apart:

  1. Pristine packing skills. Sure, packing your belongings with plenty of wrapping paper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts may seem sufficient. However, when it comes to your delicate items, such as antiques, heirlooms and china, you want the best. The packers who are a part of white glove specialty services are certified packers and have been trained by some of the top auction houses in the world on how to pack the most fragile and delicate of pieces to survive any moving journey.
  2. Custom-made crates. Certain pieces in your home, like artwork, a piano or a chandelier, require a little more TLC during a move. With white glove moving services, you can rest easy knowing your items are packed in containers made specially made for their dimensions and special conditions, whether it’s extra padding or extra stabilization for the journey.
  3. FastTrack so you can keep track. Not knowing the status of your movers can be frustrating, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. With FastTrack, your inventory will receive a barcode, so you can know the exact location of your items at all times.
  4. SmoothSail means less stress. Moving particularly high-value items? SmoothSail is insurance specifically designed to protect these items in case the worst happens, going above and beyond the typical moving insurance packages.
  5. Storage that won’t make you sweat. Placing items in a storage unit can nerve-wracking—mildew, mold, rust and other effects caused by fluctuating temperatures and climate changes are common threats. However, a white glove moving company will use climate-controlled storage facilities, so your valued items will be in the same condition as which they were packed.

Interested in a stress-free white glove moving experience, but unsure who to turn to? Molloy Moving & Storage, with its certified packers and stellar reputation, will handle your move from beginning to end, ensuring you experience the white glove service you and your possessions deserve. Contact their white glove moving specialists today.