December can be one of the most stressful months of the year. Holiday preparation fills your time with planning, shopping and cooking. The days are darker and colder, the kids are out of school—and now you’ve added your household move moving homes to the list. These helpful tips will make your moving experience more of a gift and less of a burden come this Northeast winter.

  1. Try to schedule your move just after the New Year. The hectic post-Thanksgiving holiday season is just as hectic for moving companies as it is for you. If you can, wait until after the New Year to schedule your move, as prices often fall for the service.
  2. Find a moving company that works during the holidays. Many moving companies are short staffed during the holiday season and may charge more for moves during this time. Make sure you are clear about your moving date and receive your quote in writing.
  3. Consider dining out or spending the holidays at a loved one’s. Hosting big holiday dinners can be nice, but it’s not always feasible when you’re getting ready for a move, since pots, pans and tableware may already be packed away. Take up your relative’s or friend’s offer to celebrate with them, or treat yourself to a fuss-free meal out.
  4. If you have kids, ensure you keep them connected to their friends. Moving mid-school year can be very stressful on kids, especially when they won’t be able to say goodbye to their friends who are visiting family or on vacation. Make sure your kids get contact information for their friends before the school holiday break, so they can keep in touch.
  5. Consider traffic and weather conditions. Sudden snowstorms—especially in the New York tristate area—and post-holiday traffic can have a huge effect on your move. Prepare for extra travel time, keep a watchful eye on weather reports and winterize your home, vehicle and shipment as much as possible. You’ll need to keep pathways to and from your home clear as well.

The holidays are hectic enough. Moving during them doesn’t have to be. Make the trip less stressful by contacting Molloy to help you start the New Year in your new home.