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Molloy Moving is here to help. Our Westwood movers are some of the best in the game. With over 70 years of experience moving families across the country, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the go-to moving company in Westwood and the New York Metro area. To get your journey started, fill out a form to get your free moving quote today!

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Our Westwood Moving Services:

Why Choose Molloy Bros?

You can also depend on the Molloy extensive array of services and resources that can help make your residential move as stress-free as possible, including:

  • The Mayflower MySite personal move tracker. It’s your move, your way. Our customized online move planner features all the tools you need to make your move a smooth one. Enjoy convenient 24/7 access to moving documents, detailed checklists, contact information and much more.
  • Packing and UnpackingMolloy offers customized solutions so you can do as much—or as little—packing and unpacking as your time and budget allow. We also build custom containers for fragile and hard to pack items such as marble, glass tops, artwork, electronics and chandeliers.
  • Storage ServicesPerhaps you’re ready to move, but your new home isn’t. Or you want to unclutter your current home to help make it sell faster. Molloy provides state-of-the-art, temperature controlled temporary storage facilities for added peace of mind.
  • With the CityPointe® real estate agent referral program, Molloy can even help reduce your relocation expenses. Through CityPointe®, you’ll receive cash back on the sale of your old home—and on the purchase of your new one.
  • Settle-in Services. Not all residential moving companies provide settle-in services that make you feel at home right from the start. Molloy does. With OnPoint Preferred, you can take advantage of such timesavers as PC/network and home theater disassemble and setup as well as professional cleaning services for either your old home or your new one.

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Your move within or out of Westwood, contact Molloy by giving us a call or filling out a form for your free moving quote. We guarantee a smooth, hassle-free moving experience so don’t hesitate!